$50 Budget Rental Certificates
$50 Budget Rental Certificates
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Product Availablity:  United States
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Budget Rental Certificates are the perfect gift of choice for the business or leisure customer. Budget appeals to value minded renters by offering quality vehicles and a great rewarding rental experience at more than 2,700 locations in more than 120 countries. For reservations and to enroll in the Budget express program, Budget Fastbreak, visit www.budget.com.


Terms & Conditions

Budget services will be based upon the regular Budget rates in effect at the time and location where you present the rental certificate. Renter must meet Budget age, driver and credit requirements. Certificates must be surrendered at time of rental check-out. Other terms and conditions, which are listed on the certificate, may apply. Please read the certificate upon receipt. For reservations, visit www.budget.com and customer service inquiries may be directed to 800-826-3409 in the U.S. Budget Flat Dollar Certificates ($25, $50 or $100) are a global product available at participating locations worldwide.