$50 BP Gift Card
$50 BP Gift Card
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Product Availablity:  United States
Gratetudes to Redeem: 555
Max Silver Gratetudes Allowed: 0
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BP Gift Cards are easy to buy and easy to use. They are available in convenient denominations and can be used at the pump and inside the store at more than 9,000 BP locations across the country. Treat a friend to high quality BP Fuels with Invigorate, food, car washes and more with the BP Gift Card.

Terms & Service


This card may be redeemed for the purchase of gasoline, services and merchandise (except for lottery tickets, money orders, and Prepaid Cards) at BP or Amoco locations in the United States. BP gift cards do not expire and carry no fees. For gift card balance, call 1-800-519-3560. Not available for the following states: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Washington.





BP Gift Cards can only be used for purchases at participating BP and ARCO locations in the U.S. Use of the BP Gift Card is subject to the terms and conditions printed on the cards. BP is not affiliated with National Gift Card, nor is BP a sponsor or co-sponsor of this promotion. BP will not be responsible for any unauthorized use. The BP name and logo are registered trademarks of BP p.l.c.