Gratetude FAQ

What is Gratetude all about?

We think of it as a Rewards Program for your online life. Most of us spend time every day participating in some form of social media - whether is be sharing thoughts on topics that interest us, catching up with our friends, getting updates on our favourite people, helping others  find the answers to tough questions, sharing something that makes people laugh - or cry - or think. Gratetude provides a simple but meaningful and tangible way for us to express our gratitude to those we may never actually meet yet have enriched our lives in someway by their online presence. With a single Gratetude  only costing about 10 cents, you can send as little or as much as you like depending on how much gratitude you wish to express.


What can people redeem with Gratetudes?

It might be easier to tell you what you can't redeem! The Gratetude catalog is filled with Gift Certificates for your favourite stores that you can use for a wide range of items from Consumer Electronics, Accessories for your Computers, Tablets and Smartphones, Dining, Health and Beauty, Clothing, Travel and Experience Vouchers and much, much more, making your total choice of merchandise virtually limitless.


Someone sent me some Gratetudes - what can I do with them?

You can use them to redeem rewards from our online Gratetude Catalog, or you can give them to someone else that you would like to show gratetude to.


How long does it take to redeem an item from the Gratetude Catalog?

It will take anywhere from 15 to 30 days from the time you make the redemption request to the time the item is sent to you.


What is the difference between "Silver" and "Gold" Gratetudes?

Silver Gratetudes are those that are given for free when someone first signs up with Gratetude, or as a result of some other promotion, while Gold Gratetudes are those which have actually been purchased. Some items in the Gratetude Catalog can be redeemed entirely with Silver Gratetudes, some can only be redeemed with Gold Gratetudes, and some can be redeemed with a combination of both types of Gratetudes.


I don't have enough Gratetudes to redeem a reward that I really want - can I just buy the extra Gratetudes that I need?

Yes, you can buy Gratetudes for yourself if you like.


I want to send Gratetude to someone, but they don't have a Gratetude account - what do I do?

You can send it to their email address. We will send them an email invitation informing them of your gift and inviting them to sign up and receive the points you've sent. If they decide not to sign up the points will be returned to your account.